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SUP Durbs! PRO 2018 - Entry Form

SUP Durbs! PRO 2018 - ENTRY FORM
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Please make sure you tick the appropriate boxes
SURF: SUP Foil Session (R100)
Open Men
Open Women
Legends +45
Divas +45
Social Men
Social Women

RACE: choose one only Mens SUP (12km)
Womens SUP (12km)
Mens Prone (12km)
Womens Prone (12km)
Short Course (4km) Men SUP (social)
Short Course (4km) Women SUP (social)
Short Course (4km) Men Prone (social) R100
Short Course (4km) Women Prone (social) R100
Short Course (4km) Prone (Boys U18) R100
Short Course (4km) Prone (Girls U18) R100

TECHNICAL: choose one only Mens SUP
Womens SUP
Mens Prone
Womens Prone

ENTRY R350 PER EVENT & R200 THEREAFTER PER EVENT / SURF AGE GROUP (excepting Technical Race and Prone Race social - R100 per person). Normal entries close 5 July 2018
If you are entering the Race as a Prone Paddler, its R100 (No T-shirt or Cap)
(Eg. If you want to enter Surf Open and +45 Legends, Race and Technical, it will cost you R350 + R200 + R200 + R100 = R850). All entries to SUP Durbs! Club. Late entries are at Contest Directors discretion in all divisions and events. Limited spots in all divisions so please ensure you enter by the closing date to avoid disappointment. Email proof of payment to info@supdurbs.co.za. Payments to SUPDURBS Club, FNB 62586675814, Florida Rd branch code 220526 (Use your name as reference) or Via ZAPPER CODE Above
In checking the box below, I agree that I am familiar with and fully understand all risks and hazards that exist in connection with SUP DURBS! PRO 2018. I further state that I hereby assume the risk and costs for any injuries and/or disabilities that I may sustain during my entry to the SUP DURBS! PRO 2018. I hereby fully release and forever discharge SUP DURBS! PRO 2018, its officials, members, affiliates and sponsors that may result from any type of injury, disability or death, that I may sustain while participating in and/or attending and traveling to or from a SUP DURBS! PRO 2018. In signing below I also agree to abide by the constitution of SUP Durbs and SUPSA. These are available on our website, www.supdurbs.co.za

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