Where to SUP

Sign an indemnity and pay your sticker for the year at Xpression Surf Shop at Addington Beach (next to Marine Surf Lifesavers Club) - Permits cost R100 for the year per board. This is a great place for beginners and when the wind is up on the sea. Just be aware that this is a marine environment, so try not to overload the sunblock and fall in the water. Also avoid standing on the bottom as crustations have started to form. Make sure you have a permit sticker on all your boards.

We have a dedicated Dice every Tuesday starting at 5:30pm sharp from the slipway at PYC. Non-members of PYC have access to the parking area only on a Tuesday if doing the dice (or just coming to SUP around the Yachts). On other days you would have to park in the pay parking and launch on the main slipway in front of the turning circle. Membership is open to "Stella PYC Paddling Club" which also gives you reciprocity to Point Watersports Club (Beach site). Speak to the secretary of the club.

The Umgeni river from Blue Lagoon upstream is probably the longest flat water paddle you can do in Durban. You can paddle up river for over 10km when the tide is in. The quality of the water can vary depending on the tide, so can the water flow. Great birdlife viewing with common sitings of Kingfisher and Fish Eagle. Safer Parking on a Thursday when the Canoe Dice is on - 5:30pm Start. That's when there is a Car Guard there. SUPs are welcome to join in. We normally do half the distance they do.

AKA La Mercy Lagoon. Best is on Saturday or Sunday morning when the NE wind is up (Just novices beware the NE can make it a hard paddle back into the wind, so get down low or lay down and paddle) A lot more sheltered than the sea. Great birdlife viewing with common sitings of Kingfisher and Fish Eagle.

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Battery Beach and Town Webcam:

Always worth checking out when town is crowded. Park at Snake Park parking.

These spots are only for the seasoned surf SUPper. They can get crowded and unless you know what you are doing rather avoid.

New Pier Webcam: http://www.thegreenersurfer.com/newpier/2/new-pier-web-cam
North Beach Webcam: http://www.thegreenersurfer.com/northbeach/1/north-beach-web-cam
Wavescape Webcam: http://www.wavescape.co.za/tools/webcams/durban-beachfront.html

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Park at Afro Chicken (yellow container on the promenade) leave your keys at there while you go surfing. There are a few breaks to choose from. After your surf buy a coffee and "the most tender chicken in Africa". Great vibe, specially if you are friendly to the longboarders.

This is the next level after uShaka Beach for SUP Surfing or just cruising. Also the home to Xpression Surf Shop next to Marine Surf Life Saving Club. The Shop has a bathroom, changeroom, shower facilities and planty of parking. Leave your keys and valuables there, park off, relax and buy what you need. Also get your sticker to paddle on the Point Waterfront Canals.

Marine SLC Webcam: http://marineslc.co.za/weather.php

Most SUPpers first introduction to the sea is at Ushaka Beach or behind Vetch's Reef. Point Watersports Club is a private club, but parking is available at uShaka Parking or on the street. On the weekend get there early to avoid the traffic.

Durban Underwater Club (DUC) Webcam: http://www.duc.co.za/index.php/about-the-club/webcam-duc/
Durban Skiboat Club Webcam: http://www.duc.co.za/index.php/about-the-club/webcam-durban-launch-site/


South Coast has some epic spots, you just need to know what you are doing.

Shelley Beach Webcam: http://www.wavescape.co.za/tools/webcams/shelly-beach.html
Scottburgh Webcam: http://www.wavescape.co.za/tools/webcams/south-coast-photo.html

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Shongweni Dam is the home to Umzinyati Canoe Club which has a canoe Dice every Wed at 5:30pm. You do pay to enter the reserve, but SUPs are welcome. Normally a very sheltered paddle. There is even accommodation (Chalets and Camping) booked through Msinsi.

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